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As Homestuck begins to take its steps into mainstream appeal, is your hub for up to date news and archival information on the comic we love.

The idea, inspired by similar outlets such as ValveNewsNetwork, is to have a news outlet entirely ran by fans. In April 2018, Viz Media increased their influence on Homestuck, taking over the site hosting and publishing rights. As such, we've entered an age where Homestuck news is delivered through more mainsteam or vague outlets: press releases, merch shipments to brick and mortar stores, and constant adjustments made to the main webcomic site. In the past, any Homestuck news was kept solely to the MSPA news section, hand delievered by Hussie himself. While I cannot hope to mirror his unique style I can at least re-unite all this divided news back under an easy-to-read single column. After some time of maintaining a Google Doc after went live, that News summary made its way to this very dedicated site, and thus was born.

As of today this project is growing in scope, branching out to Twitter and Tumblr accounts with more to-the-minute news, especially with that considered too small for the simple summary page. I've also put time into the archival aspect, starting work on hosting all the WeLoveFine and WhatPumpkin emails sent over the years, as well as a couple larger projects that will soon rise from the depths of the ocean like a behemoth Kaiju, shocking the world and destroying all in their wake. Or "pieces of a heinous machine all snapping together, mechanically congealing with a grim sense of purpose", if you will.

Although it should be obvious, I will state that this site and all its offshoots are in no way affiliated with Viz Media or WhatPumpkin. So far I do this all on my own, and you can contact me at Skyplayer37 on tumblr or twitter or discord or what have you. The opinions expressed within any articles here or on the social media accounts are my own, and I will remove anything here at the request of any of those official parties. Seeing as how similar projects to this one have died in the past, I will for the most part be sticking to news on the Homestuck comic, without any intent to be invasive or harmful to any employees involved in its creation. Please understand if I choose to omit any behind-the-scenes drama involved with Homestuck or Hiveswap within my archives, as some things are meant to stay buried out of respect for those involved. Let's keep the fandom a happy place to be and promote communication between the creators and the fandom.

After all, depsite being weird and random, we remain one of the greatest fandoms.

Other things that I've made, not strictly relating to Homestuck information.